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About Edo

My name is Edoardo and I'm a freelance web developer. Born in 1998 in Italy, I've always been passionate about technology. Web enthusiast and life long learner, I started to study web development one year ago. I'm currently focused on the front, but my goal is to become a Full Stack Javascript Developer. I'm actually studying Computer Science at Università della Svizzera Italiana in Lugano and collaborating with some digital agencies as freelancer.

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With the goal of becoming an experienced full stack developer and with a mindset of an overachiever, I'm constantly learning and experimenting day by day with:

These are my tools to bring to life clean, fast and responsive websites, keeping in mind that details make the difference. Currently playing around with React, Gatsby JS and the JAM stack.

Play and Learn with ETUI Mobile-only web app.Role: Development Agency: Tomorrow A progressive web app made in React. Fast, easy and ready-to-use, since you need only a link.View online

Gabriele De FinoPhotographer website.Role: Design and development Type: Training personal project A photography website with a Masonry Grid and a nice javascript gallery called Lightgallery. Lazy loading is essential, expecially in a grid of images. The layout is pre-built using low-quality previews: once the full quality image is ready, it will replace the corresponding preview with a nice blur animation.View online

DomusReal Estate template website.Role: Design and development Type: Training personal project A template real estate website. The properties are loaded from a local JSON file, which simulates an API. A fuzzy search allows users to identify non-exact matches of the target item. A nice page filtering feature helps clients to find properties.View online

Jack MilanoRestaurant template website.Role: Design and development Type: Training personal project A template restaurant website with some nice features: the owner can use a Google Sheet, which works as CMS to change and update the menu. The reservation form sends reservations directly to the Google Sheet, allowing the owner to have everything in one place.View online

Express BlogCustom blog.Role: Design and development Type: Training personal project A blog with a custom cms made from scratch. If someone want to become a writer, he needs a special token provided by the admin. Then the user can register and start publishing. The admin has the power of managing every post and every writer. A nice and easy-to-use markdown editor is provided for writing a post.View online

Yummy BurgerA burger configurator made in ReactRole: Design and development Type: Training personal project Just a very simple project: a single page application made in React. The user can configure a burger with a nice interface, choosing which and how many ingredients to put in the burger. Firebase is used as backend to handle the ingredients, the users and the orders. Although being simple, this project covers almost all React's core features, including the integration with Redux.View online

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